## General Convention Discussion Looking for [photos of past years](/Photos)? This is a perfect place to discuss the lengthy [Policies]( in plain English. * Why can't we cosplay with weapons that look like guns? * Sakuracon used to allow weapons that looked like guns but the Seattle PD decided to hassle a cosplayer who had a very realistic prop and then the convention decided to ban all realistic and some non-realistic guns. The specific part of the policy that applies is under [AA. Weapons]( > Do not bring weapons that Sakura Attendee Services cannot tell are fake from ten feet away. * Why can't I take photos of whoever I want? * Recently, people have become more conscious of the desire of cosplayers to not be photographed by people. [See this "Cosplay is Not Consent" poster]( While this seems unintuitive, assume that cosplayers don't want to be photographed by you especially. Asking permission is polite and politeness is now a rule in Sakuracon. Even if [you're sure that it's legal](, you can be banned from Sakura-Con for taking photos of cosplayers. So build up a bit of courage and ask the cosplayer before you photograph them. The relevant part of Sakura-Con's policies is [R. Photography]( > Photography of all other aspects of the convention is allowed, as long as it does not disrupt events or the flow of traffic, and the subject does not object. Please be considerate and ask first before taking pictures of guests, other Members, or the general public. * Why is room stuffing taboo? * Room stuffing is a long held tradition in Sakura-Con, but [L. Hotel Room Stuffing]( disagrees: > Room stuffing is not allowed. The occupancy limit for standard hotel rooms is four people, except with the hotel’s permission; i.e., an infant. Please check with the hotel for details. If you want to stuff your hotel room, don't get caught (i.e. don't post your real e-mail address or any e-mail address on a website associated with your membership asking for people to room with), do so safely (i.e. don't room with complete strangers), and don't tell people who aren't in the need to know. How easy is that? Clearly not easy enough for the average hotel room stuffer.