# [Sakuracon 2022]( **April 15-17, 2022** Registration for 2022 is [closed]( They are sold out, so no memberships will be sold on-site. This is a first. [Call for Fan panels]( is closed. [Opening Ceremonies Video Contest]( is closed. [2019 Schedule]( for reference [2018 Schedule]( for reference [2017 Schedule]( for reference | Topics | | |----|----| |[General Convention Questions](/General-Convention-Questions) |Got a question about some aspect of the convention? Ask here! | |[Sakura-Con Staff Openings](/Staff-Openings) | Latest volunteer openings in each department listed on demand. | |[General Convention Discussion](/General-Convention-Discussion)|General discussion about Sakura-Con goes here.| |[Convention Reports and Pictures](/Photos)|Show your photos and remember your year.| |[Programming](/Programming)|Panels, Video Rooms, Contests, Manga Library| |[Exhibitors' Hall](/Exhibitors-Hall)|Companies sell Anime related goods during the convention in Exhibitors' Hall.| |[Artist Alley](/Artist-Alley)|Professional Artists display and sell their art in this growing attraction.| |[Art Show](/Art-Show)|Fine art and bonsai on the 2nd floor | |[Merchandising](/Merchandising)|Sakuracon merch booth sells t-shirts, plushes, and other memorabilia.| |[Suggestions and Comments](/Suggestions-and-Comments)|Let us know how we can improve Sakura-Con and what is the best part of our convention.| |[General Forums](/General-Forums)|Open discussion| |[Cosplay and Photoshoots](/Cosplay)|Cosplay is a central theme of Sakura-Con where fans dress as characters of Anime, Manga, and Video games.| |[Cosplay Assistance and Resources](Cosplay-Assistance)|Cosplay requires skill and patience, want to cosplay a character but don't have the necessary requirements? Get help here!| |[NW Anime Clubs, Cultural Events, Conventions, and Gatherings](/Events)|Wouldn't it be great to go to Sakura-Con every month? Local events can make that closer to reality.| |[Anime](/Anime)|Reviews and discussion| |[Manga](/Manga)|| |[Games](/Games)|| |[Anime Music Videos (AMV)](/AMV)|The AMV contest has become a central event at Sakura-Con and the AMV room plays AMVs all night long. Get your fix here.| |[Creativity](/Creativity)|Fan-fiction, fan art, and free form here| |[Free Discussion](/Free-Discussion)|Anything off-topic is allowed in Free Discussion| |[Volunteering Guide](/Volunteering-Guide)|How to make your life easier as a volunteer.| |[Elections](/Elections) | Elections were in June 2019, volunteers voted. |